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Characteristics Of Organic Phosphorus Insecticides
Jun 12, 2017

Organic Phosphorus insecticide is China's most widely used, the largest amount of a class of pesticide pesticides, its variety, performance is also very different, but the comprehensive come to see the following characteristics:

(1) wide insecticidal spectrum. At present, some commonly used phosphorus pesticide varieties can control a variety of agricultural and forestry pests, some can be used to control the health of pests and livestock, poultry parasites.

(2) diversity of insecticide, to meet the needs of many. Most varieties have contact and stomach poisoning effect, some varieties have only the role of action or infiltration, individual varieties with fumigation, can be applied in a variety of ways to control the ground, underground, boring, suction and other types of agriculture and forestry Pest. Its insecticidal mechanism is to inhibit the activity of cholinesterase in the pests, destruction of the normal conduction of the nervous system, causing a series of symptoms of nervous system poisoning until death.

(3) high toxicity, the use should pay attention to safety. Most varieties of people, animal toxicity is high, some species are highly toxic, such as phorate, methamidophos, phosphorus and so on. Use should pay attention to safety and safety, and to ensure that before the harvest of agricultural products have a certain time interval, to avoid pesticide residues poisoning.

(4) in the environment, easy to degrade. General varieties easily in the animal and plant degradation into non-toxic substances, in natural conditions, such as the sun, the role of wind and rain easy to hydrolysis, oxidation. Therefore, the storage should be dark, moisture.

(5) easy to detoxification. Organic phosphorus insecticide, although the high toxicity, easy to cause people, animal poisoning, but there are efficient antidote drugs such as atropine, dissolved phosphorus widely used.

(6) resistance to produce slower, more complete on the crop. Organic Phosphorus insecticide although the use of a long time, the effect is also lower than the original, but relatively pests on its resistance to the development of relatively slow, is still in large use. While the crops are generally safer, not easy to produce phytotoxicity, of course, some of the more sensitive to individual species of crops, such as trichlorfon sorghum injury, dichlorvos omethoate on corn, peach in a high concentration of a certain Injury.

(7) the vast majority of Organic Phosphorus pesticides in alkaline conditions easily decomposed, therefore, can not be mixed with alkaline substances.

At present, China's registered and widely used organic phosphorus insecticide varieties are: parathion, methyl parathion, methamidophos, acephate, water amidophos, dimethoate, omethoate, dichlorvos, Malathion, phoxim, monocrotophos, phorate, chlorpyrifos, triazophos, methyl isofuran, trichlorfon, methamphetamine, propyl bromide and so on.

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