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Laboratory Examination Of Organic Phosphorus Pesticide Poisoning
Sep 28, 2017

Organic Phosphorus pesticides are organic phosphate or sulfide phosphate compounds, is the most widely used class of highly effective pesticides, according to their toxicity can be divided into four categories: ① highly toxic categories: phorate (3911), sulfur Phosphorus (1605), phosphorus (1059) and Su 203, etc .; ② high toxicity categories: dichlorvos, trithiophosphate, methamidophos and omethoate; ② degree of poison: dimethoate (4049), B Thiophosphate, trichlorfon, etc .; ④ low toxicity class: malathion, zinc thiophosphate and so on.

Mostly yellow or brown oily fat-soluble liquid, volatile pieces of strong. There is garlic smell. A small number of yellow and white solid, soluble more than 10 kinds of organic solvents, insoluble or slightly soluble in water, the case of strong alkaline substances can be quickly broken down, destruction, toxicity can be reduced or disappeared. Except for trichlorfon, which can become more toxic in the alkaline solution of dichlorvos. Organic Phosphorus pesticides on people, livestock are our life, can be through the skin, mucosal evaluation of the suction, digestive tract invasion of the human body, causing poisoning.

1. Whole blood cholinesterase enzyme activity determination: acute Organic Phosphorus pesticide poisoning diagnosis and observation of an important indicator of efficacy. Mild organophosphate poisoning for the normal 50% -70%; moderate in the general life of 30% -50%; severe poison is generally below 30%. The degree of inhibition of enzyme activity and clinical manifestations are often not completely parallel. Therefore, the degree of acute poisoning to clinical manifestations as the main basis, refer to the blood choline progesterone activity decreased skin.

2. Urine urinary pesticide metabolites determination: exposure to parathion, phenothione, urinary p-nitrophenol; exposure to trichlorfon, the original trichloroethanol content increased. Can be used as a poison exposure indicators.

3. Organic phosphorus compounds signed: from the patient exhaled, vomit or gastric lavage small organic phosphorus substances also have diagnostic significance.

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