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Methods For The Determination Of Organic Phosphorus
May 31, 2017

Organic Phosphorus pesticide poisoning mortality is high, one of the important reasons is the diagnosis is not timely. (LC-APCI-MS), the results show that this method can be effectively determined into the human serum by the method of liquid chromatography-atmospheric pressure ionization-mass spectrometry (LC-APCI-MS) Of the 10 organophosphate concentrations (JPhar Biomedl Ann. 2007, 44: 258). The "liquid extraction" or "solid extraction" method is the most commonly used organic phosphate extraction method, but it is ineffective for certain specific compounds such as acephate.

Inoue et al. Developed a simple and rapid method for the determination of 10 Organic Phosphorus pesticide concentrations in sera from patients with acute poisoning by the use of LC-MS (LC-MS) , Dichlorvos, thiophosphate, phenothiophosphate, dichlorophosphate, methyl ethyl ester phosphorus (rice feng powder), malathion, fenitrothion, fenitrothion. These 10 Organic Phosphorus pesticides are widely used in Japan. The procedure was as follows: After the acetonitrile was deproteinized, each biological sample to be tested was injected into an XTerraMSC18 stainless steel kit and subjected to a gradient elution using a 10 mmol / L ammonium formate-methanol solvent.

The results showed that the recovery rate was satisfactory, the absolute recovery was 82.2% ~ 107.2% of the serum samples, and the relative recovery was 60.0% ~ 108.1%. The detection range (LODs) of the serum was 0.125 to 1.000 μg / ml, and the upper limit was 0.25 to 1.25 μg / ml. A good linear correlation was observed when the upper limit of detection was gradually increased to 8 μg / ml. In all experimental specimens, the mean was within 20% of the expected concentration, and the correlation coefficient (r2) was 0.9838. The analysis of most Organic Phosphorus pesticides shows that the accuracy and accuracy of the internal and inter-assay analyzes are satisfactory. From the point of view of the stability of the temperature, for all organic phosphate analysis can be found, dichlorvos and malathion at room temperature can be the fastest dissolved. Pseudomonasulfuron and fulvide were relatively stable for all temperatures over the entire four-week period.

The LC-MS method is a rapid and feasible method for the determination of Organic Phosphorus pesticides in human serum and has high selectivity for the determination of Organic Phosphorus pesticides in serum samples. The results are shown in Fig. Sensitivity, accuracy, accuracy, linearity, regression and stability. Therefore, this simple and accurate detection method can be successfully applied to clinical acute Organic Phosphorus pesticide poisoning incident.

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