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Organic Phosphorus Shows A Series Of Symptoms And Signs
Jul 04, 2017

Organic Phosphorus pesticides may be poisoned by ingestion, inhalation or by skin absorption. (Including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, food and poisoned poultry, aquatic products, etc.); misuse of pesticides infected with pesticides or pesticide containers; inappropriate The use of organic phosphorus pesticides to kill mosquitoes, flies, lice, fleas, bugs, cockroaches and the treatment of skin diseases and deworming, the mother after the use of pesticides do not seriously wash their hands and change clothes and give the baby breastfeeding; packaging organic phosphorus pesticide plastic bags Do the urine pad, or sprayed with organic phosphorus pesticide field head sand filled with "soil pants" instead of urine pad; children can also be sprayed with organic phosphorus pesticide near the field to play inhalation poisoning.

Most of the human body out of the cholinergic nerve (including motor nerve, sympathetic, parasympathetic frontal fibers, parasympathetic and part of the sympathetic nerve fibers) conduction, by its distal in the cell connection with the release of acetylcholine Dominate the activities of the organ; some parts of the central nervous system such as the cerebral cortex sensory motor area, especially the cortical deep pyramidal cells, caudate nucleus, thalamus and other nerve cell impulse transmission, but also involved in acetylcholine. Cholinergic neurotransmission must have an effect with cholinergic receptor binding. Cholinergic receptors are divided into muscarinic and nicotine; the former is distributed in the cholinergic ganglion fibers dominated by the myocardium, smooth muscle, gland and other effects of the organ, which is distributed in the plant ganglia and skeletal muscle Sports end plate. Under normal circumstances, the release of acetylcholine to complete its physiological function, the rapid presence of tissue acetylcholinesterase decomposition and loss of effect.

When the Organic Phosphorus into the human body, with its phosphoryl group and the active part of the enzyme close to form a phosphorylated cholinesterase and the loss of the ability to break down acetylcholine, so that a large number of acetylcholine in vivo accumulation, and inhibit the only acetylcholinesterase activity, So that the central nervous system and cholinergic nerve over excitement, and finally into the inhibition and failure, the performance of a series of symptoms and signs:

① some parasympathetic nerve and some sympathetic ganglia fiber cholinergic muscarinic receptor excitement, there are smooth muscle contraction, increased glandular secretion, pupil contraction, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other toxic grass-like symptoms.

② motor nerve and muscle connection point cholinergic nicotinic receptor excitement, the occurrence of muscle fibrillation or convulsions (convulsions); severe poisoning or poisoning late, to muscle weakness or muscle paralysis and other nicotine-like symptoms.

③ central nervous system cells intermittent cholinergic receptor excitement, causing dysfunction, began to have headaches, dizziness, irritability, delirium and other excitement symptoms, severe speech disorders, coma and respiratory central paralysis.

④ in the circulatory system, both heart rate can slow down, blood pressure and other muscarinic-like symptoms, but also have increased blood pressure and heart rate and other nicotine-like symptoms.

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