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What Are The Commonly Used Organic Phosphorus?
Jun 22, 2017

Organic Phosphorus are organic compounds containing Organic Phosphorus for the control of plant diseases, insects and insects. This type of pesticide varieties, high efficacy, wide use, easy to break down, in humans, animals generally do not accumulate in the pesticide is a very important class of compounds. So, farmers friends in the farmland management process commonly used Organic Phosphorus which?

"What are the commonly used Organic Phosphorus?" China's pesticide network Xiao Bian will explain this issue as follows:

Commonly used Organic Phosphorus

China's organic phosphorus pesticides produced by the vast majority of pesticides, such as parathion, phosphorus, malathion, dimethoate, dichlorvos, etc .; also some varieties such as rice blast net, Can be used as a fungicide. In recent years, and has synthesized a number of rodenticides, nematocides, herbicides, defoliants, sterile agents, growth regulators, etc .; the most common Organic Phosphorus are: trichlorfon, dichlorvos, omethoate, horse Thiophosphate, phoxim, chlorpyrifos and so on.

Toxicity of Organic Phosphorus

Organic Phosphorus are mostly decomposed in alkaline solution and lose virulence; only the trichlorfon is soluble in water, contact with alkaline solution, become more virulent dichlorvos. (1059), parathion (1605), phorate (3911), malathion (4049) and dimethoate were oxidized and the virulence was enhanced. Dibromide in the case of reducing substances such as metals, sulfur hydride quickly lost bromine, the formation of more virulent dichlorvos.

The main reason is: the production process is backward, lax storage, improper preparation, arbitrary abuse, poor operation, poor protection, so we have to do a good job of pesticide poisoning protection work.

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