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What Is The Effect Of Organic Phosphorus Flame Retardants?
Oct 20, 2017

At present, the study of organic phosphorus flame retardants mainly concentrated in the phosphate, phosphonate, phosphine oxide, polycondensation of phosphate and intumescent organic phosphorus compounds and so on.

Phosphate ester flame retardant, divided into phosphate-only phosphoric acid ester flame retardant and nitrogen-containing phosphate flame retardant. Most phosphoric acid phosphate flame retardants are mostly phenolic phosphates, but also a small amount of alkyl phosphates. Can be used for high impact polystyrene flame retardant.

Organic phosphorus flame retardant can be used for flame retardant PET, can achieve a good flame retardant effect, and has a good resistance to hydrolysis. In addition, these compounds also have good compatibility, can be used for PU foam and other materials, flame retardant treatment. Nitrogen-containing phosphate ester contains more nitrogen and phosphorus elements than the flame-retardant effect is better than only phosphorus, and thus more and more attention. The nitrogen elements in the nitrogen-containing phosphate flame retardants are mainly derived from amines, diamines and melamine in the compounds.

Preparation, Properties and Application of Nitrogen - containing Phosphate Flame Retardant. Organic phosphorus flame retardant has good thermal stability, compatibility, no water spray, no bleeding, mainly used for polystyrene material flame retardant.

(2-hydroxyethyl) aminomethylphosphonic acid diethyl ester (BHAPE) was synthesized by the phosphonate flame retardant, Henan University Chu Hongying et al.

BHAPE is resistant to hydrolysis and moisture resistance, flame retardant, low temperature resistance, and a lot of phosphorus flame retardant miscible, can be dubbed a composite flame retardant. BHAPE low toxicity, does not inhibit plasma, hemoglobin and brain cholinesterase activity, mainly for polyurethane plastic foam, polyurethane-based composite materials, unsaturated polyester and phenolic resin flame retardant.

Phosphine oxide flame retardant phosphine oxide is a polyphenylene ether effective flame retardant, it can be comparable with the phosphate flame retardant, and phosphine oxide flame retardant high phosphorus content, to achieve the same level of flame retardant added resistance Fuel is small. Sun Li University, Li Qiaoling, who synthesized the flame retardant dual (p-carboxyphenyl) phenyl phosphine oxide.

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